More Testimonials

For years I was the kid in school who could not touch her toes. As an adult, I woke up with a bad back and had poor posture even though I am not even close to 30!

Then, one cold and somewhat snowy day, I drove down Milwaukee Avenue and noticed that there was a yoga shop not even a stone’s throw from my house. After chatting with Jim for less than 10 minutes, I knew this would be my yoga place. With no Lululemon or fancy water needed, Jim’s classes have expanded my yoga practice. Though my downward dog is not perfect, the instructors at TYS not only work with your body but give you time to grow and adjust.

I’m happy that I can go to TYS and not feel overwhelmed or lost. Though I’ve only been going to classes for the past 8 weeks, I know that this time next year, I’ll have made so much progress. The instructors and Jim really care and want you to get better even if “better” means finally touching your toes! — Anabel A

“The Yoga Shop is a real Yoga studio, no BS. It’s really fun and friendly, just like Jim”
-Lori Gaspar, Director, Prairie Yoga

The Yoga Shop is a wonderful community.  I feel like I can relax and enjoy the yoga experience without the pressure of how I look or how much better someone is at this than me!   The atmosphere is non-judgmental, and Jim makes sure everyone feels comfortable. — Larisa M

As a beginner to yoga, I was skeptical.  However, over the course of three months I have become a true believer in yoga thanks to TYS.  Whether you are advanced or a beginner, the OUTSTANDING TYS instructors will ensure you have a fabulous experience.  Each day I feel stronger, healthier and more confident in my yoga practice.  Thank you Jim for bringing TYS to OIP and thank you to all the amazing instructors! -Tarin K

In the short time I’ve been doing yoga at TYS, I have noticed my flexibility & sleep quality have improved and I leave the session in a good mental place where my mind has de-cluttered. I think TYS is different from it’s competitors because of it’s welcoming & laid back environment. Unlike other experiences I’ve had, I don’t feel lost during class. The instructions are very clear & the constant alignment cues that are offered are very helpful in learning the poses & breathing techniques. As I progress in my yoga practice, I see myself finding the right yoga style for me here. -Tiffany A

I’ve been doing the 5:45am warm sculpt weekly for about 8-9 weeks. And I have noticed a real change in the shape of my body! Nothing else has changed – eating/wine habits remain steadfast My workouts at the gym are still the same old. So, it must be this yoga that is making my skirts feel a little looser! Really enjoying my Thursday am class! Thank you!!!!!! — Martha L

I was thrilled when I found out a yoga studio was opening in my neighborhood. But I couldn’t have imagined how much I would end up loving it! Jim is such a fantastic instructor, excellent at tailoring each class to the skills and experience of the particular students. He makes every class enjoyable even when he is kicking your buttJ I have come to love yoga and really appreciate its benefits. But at this point, I don’t think I would want to practice it anywhere other than the Yoga Shop.— Jen B

The Yoga Shop is such a welcome addition to our neighborhood.  It’s a very warm, inviting, and fun space, where I feel comfortable and welcome every time I visit.  I love the variety of classes and instructors and have enjoyed learning more about different aspects of yoga.  The Yoga Shop has changed my fitness life.  I’ve taken yoga classes in the past, but have never found the connection to my instructors, the location, or my yoga practice like I have with the TYS team.-Lynn A

I am a Pilates instructor, and was never in love with yoga. But the classes I have taken at The Yoga Shop have turned me around. The laid-back quality of the instructors±—pushing for the best from all of us, but still allowing us space to work within our own bodies—and the comfortable, welcoming yoga studio and affordable classes have made it a must-do for me, at least once a week! The best part is that the studio is in my neighborhood, and every class becomes a way to connect with friends and neighbors. So happy The Yoga Shop is here!! —Laura M

Thank you The Yoga Shop for moving into our neighborhood!  Great teachers and a wonderful, warm environment.  Since taking yoga I have been feeling stronger and limber. I love it here. — Grace K

I love the Yoga Shop – it is my Monday night (and what ever other night I can escape) refuge. 
It is a great workout for the mind and body! Thank you to Jim for fostering such a great environment! A little piece of mind in OIP. — Robyn S

I consider myself a beginner, but Jim makes me feel comfortable and welcome as soon as I walk in. His cues help you get into just the right position so you can maximize your session. I used to toss any suggestion of yoga out the window, but now realize it’s an important part of my workout regime. Who knew yoga could make you break a sweat and have you feel it the next day! I’m thrilled TYS moved into our neighborhood!  — Joanne K

From day one, the yoga shop has been a welcoming and encouraging environment.  I feel myself becoming stronger and more confident with each class.  I find myself using breathing techniques in my every day life to help me relax.  I have not used my gym membership since starting yoga at the yoga shop.  It’s all I need and it brings peace, strength and positive energy to my every day life.  Thanks!—  Amy S.

I am so glad to have a laid back and welcoming yoga studio in the neighborhood.  The space is great, the people are nice, the instructors are challenging but supportive — it keeps me coming back.  With weekend, evening and daytime classes, I am able to make time for yoga in my busy life.  Thanks Yoga Shop! — Jill B.

Having heard about the many benefits of yoga (physical, mental and spiritual), intrigue initially brought me to The Yoga Shop.   After my first class with owner Jim Cogan, I was hooked!   Not only is the cozy studio a calm haven in my busy life, the staff’s warm, inviting demeanor encouraged a novice like myself not to be intimidated when beginning yoga.   After several months of weekly classes and home practice, I have found that yoga has impacted and improved my life in so many ways.  I have become physically stronger and leaner while having a sense of mental calmness that enables me to cope with everyday stress and anxiety.   Yoga has centered me, instilling a feeling of well-being and serenity.  Thanks to The Yoga Shop, practicing yoga has become a way of life for me. — Sheila W.

I have been coming to the Yoga Shop since it has opened and have seen a dramatic difference in my body and energy. I have lost weight, become stronger and increased my flexibility. The yoga classes have helped reduce pain in my lower back as well. The instructors are knowledgeable and genuinely concerned that you are getting the most out of your workout. They are friendly and welcoming. The Yoga Shop has revitalized my fitness regimen. I was stuck in a rut and feeling bored going to the gym and running. Now I feel motivated and excited about getting into shape! — Jana W.

I highly recommend The Yoga Shop. You will leave feeling energized and in such a great mood! — Kelly S.