About Us

The Yoga Shop ChicagoHey there. Glad to see that you’re checking out our “shop”.

We’re new to the Old Irving Park neighborhood, but not new to Chicago, or Yoga.

The Yoga Shop is driven by one passion in particular: to expose as many people as possible to the life changing joys and challenges of Yoga

We aim to create community; the most vibrant group of diverse and joy-filled members you’ll find in Chicago.

What you won’t see at the Yoga Shop? Trendy, snooty, or too-cool-for-school instructors who make you feel somehow…less than.

We offer loads of different classes, from Candlelight Yoga to DudeYoga, to Family Yoga, Sculpt Yoga, as well as classic Level 1 classes. One of our specialties is Intro to Yoga, where we excel at making you, the Yoga Virgin, welcome and comfortable in what could very possibly be a life changing practice.

We also offer kids yoga birthday parties and ample space for special events like yoga bachelorette parties, yoga mom’s nights, yoga school fundraisers and more!

So, have a look. Come on in and experience Yoga in a new way.

Grow great with us.