Getting Started

What the heck does ‘Namaste’ mean?
Namaste means, ‘the light that shines within me honors the light that shines within you’.

Huh. So, what is Vinyasa??
Easy. Vinyasa means, flow. Vinyasa classes usually are movement-oriented and can induce perspiration, as in, make you sweat.

What can I expect from an Intro To Yoga Class?
At the Yoga Shop, you can expect one thing above all else: expect to feel welcomed into a practice and culture that’s 5000 years old and getting more popular each millenium. Beyond that, you will be guided to listen to your breath, hold easy poses (or asanas) and push your boundaries of strength and flexibility in a non-harmful fashion

Can I do Vinyasa classes and also more “restorative” classes?
Yes! in fact, we strongly encourage that you take 3 classes each week to truly experience the bene’s of Yoga, and we also encourage you to take at least one gentle class along with a more vigorous Vinyasa flow class to get the full effect of Yoga on the body mind and spirit.

Can the Yoga Shop be rented for special occasions?
Yes. If it’s really special.

Will you ever feature Workshops and Seminars?
While we cater to those of you who are new to yoga, or perhaps getting back to it, our growing staff of 15 amazing teachers are expert at what they uniquely offer. In addition, once a month we offer a workshop or seminar by the most acclaimed Yogis in Chicago: Gabriel Halpern, Marinda Stopforth, Dr. Nolan Lee, Lori Gaspar and more. Each month. At prices that are within reach of your budget.